Avoid disposable drinking bottles

Disposable drinking bottles cause an enormous amount of plastic waste.
Some of the KBC centers (e.g. KBC El Gouna in Egypt, KBC Parajuru in Brazil or KBC Dakhla in Morocco) are located in locations that do not yet implement strategies to avoid waste in the form of returnable drinking bottles.
At the same time, tap water is not suitable for consumption, so that people have to buy drinking water in disposable plastic bottles.
At a kite center like the KBC El Gouna (with an average of 150 guests and 40 employees) around 200 empty plastic bottles accumulate every day. That's 73,000 a year!

The plastic bottles end up in the garbage, unfortunately often on the street when the garbage is loaded and then, in the worst case, blow into the sea.
We want to tackle this problem and do without single-use plastic bottles.
The aim is that drinking water can be offered at all KCB centers.
A reusable bottle made of stainless steel can be refilled again and again and has a very long service life.
We offer a suitable bottle in cooperation with our partner Mizu:

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