Where is the best area to learn kitesurfing?

To learn kitesurfing you should choose an area that has very easy conditions suitable for beginners.
Absolutely ideal conditions for beginners are flat water, no waves, shallow water, lots of space, a constant, medium-strong wind and pleasant temperatures .
So you won't be distracted by anything and you can concentrate completely on your kite, your kite instructor and learning to kite.
If the water is standing deep, i.e. maximum waist deep, you always have solid ground under your feet and can effortlessly walk back to the starting point of your exercises (without having to swim), because the kite will often pull you downwind (the side away from the wind). .

When training in shallow water, however, it is important to practice or simulate acting in deep water so that switching to deep water is not so difficult and you are prepared for the requirements of starting, landing, re-launching and kitesurfing in deep water are prepared.

Isolated spots (eg KBC Tarifa ) are not exclusively standing areas. Here the kitesurf courses take place by swimming or by boat training. This has the great advantage that the kite student is not surrounded by solid objects or obstacles that could injure him. Communication with the kite instructor takes place via radio using a headset.

The temperatures should not be too low, because at the beginning you are in the water a lot. If you freeze too quickly, you lose energy and your training sessions will be shorter. The choice of the area depends on the temperatures and the wind and thus on the season.

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