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The kite goggles/sunglasses are based on the needs of extreme sports and are particularly suitable for safe wearing during sports thanks to the fixed backstrap .

Not only water sports beginners, but also advanced kiters / water sports enthusiasts benefit from the goggles: Sun and splashing water are no longer disruptive factors with optimal wearing comfort and a firm hold. These glasses enable an optimal field of vision. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials, practicing the sport.

These glasses are of great benefit, especially in beginner training. The student often looks at the kite at the zenith and blinks directly into the sun when the sun is in the right position. In addition, there is a strong reflection of the sun's rays on the water, which are absorbed by the glasses. The locking strap secures the glasses and the student still has a clear view even after an extensive body drag.

In the " Premium Polarized " version, the glasses are additionally provided with an anti-polarization layer , which significantly reduces reflections from water surfaces or snow. As an extra feature , the premium version comes with a shockproof hard case .

Special features of these sports glasses:

    • 100% UVA and UVB protection
    • Individually adjustable strap / backstrap
    • Good fit
    • The goggles are floatable
    • Protection against splashing water
    • CE category 3
    • Dark reflective lenses
    • Non-shattering, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
    • Channels against fogging (Antifog)

    The lenses are made of non-shattering polycarbonate.
    The scope of delivery includes a soft bag and a goggle leash, the premium version also comes with a shockproof hard case.

    The soft bag protects the glasses from scratches and can be used to clean and care for the glasses.
    The goggle leash is a real all-rounder: it is used to attach the kite goggles to the wetsuit; but can also be used as a keychain. It is included as an additional feature in the scope of delivery of our kite goggles and can of course also be ordered separately.

    These glasses comply with the European and American frame and lens standards: CE NORM, European Standard (EN1836) and ANSI Standard (Z80.3)

    Has my order arrived at the KBC shop?

    As soon as your order has arrived in the KBC shop, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of the order and listing all the details, such as items ordered, shipping and billing addresses, etc., to be on the safe side. When you receive the order confirmation, you can be sure that your order has been received and will be processed by us immediately.

    How can I see my order status?

    You will be informed by us via e-mail about the status of your order. These are the emails you will receive from us by default:
    • Order confirmation stating the ordered goods and the desired shipping and billing address
    • Shipping confirmation with tracking number
    You don't have a customer account or anything similar in the KBC shop that you can see.

    What are my shipping costs and how long do I have to wait for my delivery?

    The shipping costs for standard shipping within Germany with a goods value of less than 50 euros are a flat rate of 5 euros for shipping as an insured GLS package. Kite District will cover the shipping costs for goods with a value of EUR 50 or more.
    In other EU countries, we charge a flat rate of EUR 8 (Switzerland: EUR 10) for shipping as an insured GLS package for goods with a value of less than EUR 100. If the value of the goods is more than 100 euros, we will cover the shipping costs.
    As a rule, you can expect that we will send your goods immediately after receipt of the money. So you will usually receive it two working days after the money has been received. How long it takes your payment to us depends on the chosen payment method, the period ranges from immediately (credit card via paypal) to 4 working days (bank transfer from a bank that does not belong to the Sparkassenverband and is not located in Düsseldorf).

    How can I pay?

    At the moment you have the following payment options: PayPal, credit card or prepayment by bank transfer. A delivery on account is not possible.

    Can I also pay by invoice?

    Payment by invoice in the KBC shop is not possible.

    I have ordered and now I want to change something. How does it work?

    A sales contract is concluded when we have sent you your order confirmation. Your order number will also be included in this email. Simply let us know in writing (by e-mail, fax or letter) that you wish to cancel your order. The easiest way to do this is to reply to the shipping confirmation email.
    You can only cancel your order as a whole and completely, you cannot cancel or change parts or individual items.
    So after you have completely canceled your order, you simply order again and simply change what you want.

    How does the tracking number work?

    Our shipping partner GLS offers you the option at to track where your package is with a tracking number Your goods are currently located and when you can expect delivery.
    You will receive the tracking number for your order from us by email as soon as we have shipped your package.
    Sometimes it takes half a day to a whole day for our shipping partner to book your package into their system - so don't be too impatient and click on the link as soon as you receive the shipping confirmation. But it should work the next day.

    How can I take advantage of the free instruction when buying a kite?

    If you buy a kite in the KBC shop, you will receive a voucher with your kite, which you can redeem in any of our clubs. To do this, you register by telephone with your preferred kiteboarding club so that you can get an appointment reservation. Take your voucher with you to the club on the agreed date, where you will receive your one-hour product training course from a trained kite instructor.

    How can I contact you?

    You can find ways to contact us here .

    Men's Sizes - Regular

    Size weight (kg) Height (cm) chest circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
    46/XS 54-64 168-173 92-96 69-75
    48/p 61-70 171-176 96-100 75-81
    50/m 68-77 173-178 100-106 80-86
    52/L 77-86 177-181 106-111 85-91
    54/XL 86-95 178-186 111-116 90-96
    56/XXL 95-104 183-188 116-121 95-101
    58/XXXL 104-113 185-190 121-127 99-106
    60/4XL 113-123 190-196 125-130 105-112

    Men's Sizes - Long

    Size weight (kg) Height (cm) chest circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
    47/XST 54-64 171-176 92-96 69-75
    49/ST 63-72 178-186 96-100 71-79
    51/MT 70-79 183-190 100-106 80-86
    53/LT 79-88 188-196 106-111 85-91
    55/XLT 88-97 188-196 111-116 90-96

    Men's Sizes - Short

    Size weight (kg) Height (cm) chest circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
    25/MS 68-77 171-176 100-106 80-86
    26/LS 79-88 173-178 106-111 85-91
    27/XLS 86-95 177-181 111-116 90-96
    28/XXLS 93-102 178-186 116-121 95-101
    29/3XLS 100-109 183-188 121-127 99-106

    women's sizes

    Size weight (kg) Height (cm) chest circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
    36/XS/6 48-57 165-170 79-84 61-64
    38/S/8 50-59 168-174 82-87 63-68
    40/M/10 54-64 171-177 84-91 64-71
    42/L/12 59-68 173-179 89-95 71-76
    44/XL/14 64-73 175-181 94-99 73-78

    kids sizes

    Size weight (kg) Height (cm) chest circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
    4XS 86-98
    3XS 98-104
    2XS 110-116
    XS-4 116-122
    S-6 128-134
    M-8 27-34 135-140 70-74 52-65
    L-10 34-43 143-148 73-77 56-60
    XL-12 41-50 149-154 76-80 60-64
    2XL-14 47-54 155-160 78-82 64-67
    3XL-16 54-61 161-166 81-85 67-71


    Waist Girth 68-72 72-79 79-86 86-93 93-100 100-108
    Spreader bar
    (in CM)
    22 24 28 32 34 34

    Wetsuits Men

    body height 160-172 164-176 172-183 175-185 177-187 179-190 182-192
    Chest girth 88-94 91-97 97-103 100-106 103-109 107-114 110-118
    Waist girth 68-76 71-79 76-84 80-88 84-92 88-96 91-99
    hip girth 88-94 90-96 94-100 97-103 100-106 103-109 104-112
    Average weight
    60 64 72 75 80 85 90

    Wetsuit girl

    XS S M L XL
    body height 156-164 160-168 164-172 172-180 176-184
    Chest girth 80-88 84-92 88-96 96-104 100-108
    Waist girth 60-70 65-74 70-79 79-90 83-103
    hip girth 84-92 88-96 92-100 100-110 105-111
    Average weight
    47 49 55 68 75


    Inner sole length

    20 21 22 23 24 25 25.5 26 27 28
    US size 5 5.5 6 7 8th 9 9.5 10 11 12
    EU size 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46


    S M L XL
    1.Glove length
    16 17.5 19 20.5
    2. Palm width
    9.5 10 10.5 11


    S M L XL
    Head circumference
    -54 55-57 58-60 61+

    board shorts

    28/XS 30/p 31/M 32/M 33/M 34/L 36/XL
    Hip Girth
    74 76 79 84 86 89 94

    Impact vest

    S M L XL
    body height 164-176 172-183 176-187 179-190
    Chest girth 91-97 97-103 103-109 107-114
    Waist girth 71-79 76-86 83-93 90-98
    Average weight
    64 72 80 90


    S M L XL XXL

    88-92 92-95 95-99 99-104 104-109

    78-82 82-86 86-91 91-96 96-102


    S M L XL XXL

    90-95 95-99 99-104 104-109 109-116

    80-86 86-91 91-96 96-102 102-109