F-One Premium Partner

F-ONE and the Kiteboarding Club (KBC) have been linked for years by a Successful partnership. We have been observing the kitesurfing market very closely for many years and no other manufacturer has been able to convince us with comparable innovations, the extraordinary quality and the consistent further development of safety and performance of its products.Kitesurfer am Kiteboarding Club mit Board von F-ONE in Dakhla

We test for you - every day!

We put all models of F-ONE daily at our kite schools and thus have a lot of experience. We test new prototypes together with F-ONE and our employees and customers provide feedback on all products during school operations.

What does this mean for you?

We have gained important experience over the years of working with F-ONE, which we are happy to pass on to all customers. So if you have a question, Reach out to us! Our expertise and detailed advice go far beyond the normal level. And if you ever have a problem or a complaint or need a spare part, then Let's help you friendly, fast and knowledgeable.

F-ONE Kitematerial Kites und Boards und Foilboard von F-ONE am Kitespot des KBC Holland

Free instruction with the purchase of a kite

We offer you a very special service: You will receive a free instruction for your new kite. We will not leave you alone after the purchase and will be at your side with words and deeds!

Try before you buy

You can try out F-ONE products free of charge at any time at our test centers. We look forward to seeing you in one of our Test Center!

Das F-ONE Procenter des Kiteboarding Club in Dakhla in Marokko