Team Login

You will be listed in our system with special conditions and you will receive very good prices on material in the Kiteboarding Club headquarters - your conditions are automatically stored in the shop.

Prices only apply to you as an employee and must be treated with absolute confidentiality.
Under no circumstances may your personal team login be passed on, or content shared with third parties.

To see your special prices in the shop, you must be logged in with your team account.
All items in the KBC Shop are discounted. There are also articles that you can only see with the team login.

Here you get to the team area:

Other information and rules:

- Shipping costs are €5.00 per kite or board (DE)

- Complaints go through Kite District (fee €25.00) - Please do not contact F-ONE directly, or any other F-One dealer.

- Color requests for orders are only possible to a limited extent - we may contact you with alternative color options. Because we at the KBC headquarters have no influence on the colors supplied.
- Kites and boards may only be sold used 3 months after the date of purchase.
- Please avoid pointless returns and order carefully.
How is a complaint processed?
Please complain about your item by email
We need the following from the damaged item:
- Picture of the damage
- Serial number (if any)
- proof of purchase
- model year
- Size of the kite or board
We will then complain about the item to the manufacturer and give you your Kite District internal complaint number (R0XXX).
If you would like to inquire about the status of your complaint by email or telephone, please state your complaint number.
You have a question?